Client Testimonials

Mr. Heywood is an outstanding facilitator who is able to move the toughest cases to resolution.

Arthur ScearsOmbudsman

Mr. Heywood is an outstanding mediator- extremely well prepared, knowledgeable and hard working. Bob establishes rapport with the parties, and is committed to the mediation process from start to finish. I recommend him without reservation, especially in matters involving complex issues and difficult personalities.

Sean DesmondDefense attorney

Bob Heywood is an excellent mediator for all parties. He is extremely knowledgeable. He has the gravitas to bring even the most difficult of cases to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. He gets my highest marks. If you can retain him, do so, now.

Joseph AppelAttorney For Injured Parties

Bob knew the facts, cut the bull, and expedited the process. That is why we keep coming back.

Bill FerchlandAttorney For Injured Parties

Mr. Heywood is a great mediator, he explains the process well and is able to engage even the most difficult of litigants into productive conversation and negotiation. I would use him again for mediation of my most difficult cases.

Keith EpsteinDefense Attorney

I find Robert Heywood's professionalism at the top of the ladder. He is often the industry's first choice of mediators in the Bay Area, and this for good reason. He's smart about work comp and he knows how to emphasize the strong aspects of all parties' cases. He is not afraid of following up even in the absence of an agreement achieved. I have found that his follow-up can precipitate a finalization of disputes that could not resolve during the mediation itself. His capacity to put parties together in a productive manner represents the highest caliber of mediation in my experience.

John BloomAttorney For Injured Parties