Practice Areas

Workers' Compensation

For workers’ compensation cases that can’t seem to move to closure; that involve complex legal, factual or medical issues; or simply seem impossible, mediation may be the optimal way to achieve not only a resolution, but one that brings with it a high degree of satisfaction for all concerned. The success rate for workers’ compensation mediations conducted by Robert Heywood is more than 90%, and most cases are settled within a single day.Read More

Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation provides a clear and simple path to resolving personal injury disputes. It saves all parties involved time, money, and frustration, and provides complete control over the issue at hand. When those involve in personal injury cases choose litigation to resolve the matter, they are putting their fate into the hands of a judge or jury. No matter how complicated the issue or how best it could be resolved, the outcome is in the hands of a third party.Read More

Insurance Mediation

Insurance disputes are ideal for mediation for a number of reasons. The process allows disputing parties to utilize the insight and guidance of a neutral third party who has an understanding of insurance law and practice. This is not always the case with litigation, as not all judges have extensive insurance industry experience. Since disputing parties have the option of choosing their mediator, they can opt for someone with a keen understanding of and experience…Read More

Employment Mediation

Mediation can be an effective tool for helping employees and employers settle disputes related to the workplace. The process brings together all parties involved in a dispute to discuss the issue at hand. These discussions are overseen by a third party neutral, called a mediator, who is typically an expert in employment law issues, as well as communication and alternative dispute resolution. The goal is to find a solution in the most efficient means possible.Read More