Workers’ Compensation

For workers’ compensation cases that can’t seem to move to closure; that involve complex legal, factual or medical issues; or simply seem impossible, mediation may be the optimal way to achieve not only a resolution, but one that brings with it a high degree of satisfaction for all concerned. The success rate for workers’ compensation mediations conducted by Robert Heywood is more than 90%, and most cases are settled within a single day.

Simply stated, mediation is a negotiating session between litigants and their representatives conducted with the assistance of a neutral facilitator—the mediator—for the purpose of achieving resolution of the dispute. Mediation allows the parties to participate in how their case will be resolved, while litigation involves turning the decision making process over to another.

The process brings together the litigants and their representatives to discuss the issues with the mediator. The goal is to resolve the dispute through voluntary means that meets the needs of all parties. We address what is desirable, practical, realistic and acceptable as we craft the settlement Furthermore, the process is completely confidential, which often puts parties at ease and paves the way for discussion and resolution.

The benefits of workers compensation mediation in Northern California are numerous and include:

  • Significant cost savings through efficiency and moderate use of resources
  • Neutral oversight and guidance
  • Creative settlement options
  • Undivided mediator attention to the issue
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Ability to address “unseen” issues, such as client control and emotions involved in resolving the case
  • Confidentiality
  • Ability to preserve relationships
  • Opportunity to move on without interference from the workers’ compensation system

Mediation provides the easiest, most cost-effective and best way to resolve workers’ compensation issues for both employees and employers. If you would like to know more about workers’ compensation mediation in Northern California, or you are interested in speaking to someone about the process, Robert Heywood can help.

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