Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation provides a clear and simple path to resolving personal injury disputes. It saves all parties involved time, money, and frustration, and provides complete control over the issue at hand.

When those involve in personal injury cases choose litigation to resolve the matter, they are putting their fate into the hands of a judge or jury. No matter how complicated the issue or how best it could be resolved, the outcome is in the hands of a third party. Despite being legal experts, it can be difficult for judges to fully understand a situation and tailor a resolution that is suited to the individuals involved in a particular case. Mediation puts control into the hands of those involved and allows for flexible, customized solutions that typically better suit the needs and interests of the parties when compared with results obtained at trial.

In addition to the customizable nature of personal injury mediation in Northern California, the process is also superior from a practical standpoint. It costs less money and takes less time. Many personal injury mediations are completed in a single day and utilize fewer resources than litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Finally, mediation is a confidential process, so those involved can feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly about a situation. Often, this is enough to open the door to negotiations and an eventual resolution.

Are you involved in a personal injury dispute in Northern California and wanting to keep it outside of the courtroom? Robert Heywood can help.

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