Insurance Mediation

Insurance disputes are ideal for mediation for a number of reasons. The process allows disputing parties to utilize the insight and guidance of a neutral third party who has an understanding of insurance law and practice. This is not always the case with litigation, as not all judges have extensive insurance industry experience. Since disputing parties have the option of choosing their mediator, they can opt for someone with a keen understanding of and experience dealing with insurance issues similar to their own.

Mediation also allows parties to more candidly identify various obstacles to settlement and review any complex scientific and economic issues that can pose a problem in litigation. The process is extremely efficient and it saves everyone involved a great deal of time, money, and frustration. What could take years to resolve could be resolved in as little as a day when mediation is used. Finally, mediation allows parties to settle issues in the most comprehensive, creative, and efficient fashion – something that is rarely if ever the case in litigation.

Some disputes are extremely complex and challenging, which is why it is so important to choose a mediator that is familiar with the local insurance industry and who not only has a great deal of experience with mediation, but also has a proven track record in achieving successful resolutions. Robert Heywood can help whether the dispute is between a carrier and an insured, or a dispute between different insurers over coverage, contribution or liability.

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